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Computerized Assessment and Referral System (CARS): Revolutionizing DUI Assessment

The National Center for DWI Courts in conjunction with the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility is proud to announce a new webinar unveiling a cutting edge new assessment tool. The FREE webinar is titled Computerized Assessment and Referral System (CARS): Revolutionizing DUI Assessment and will be held on Monday, December 15 at 2:00 PM EST.  

This webinar is designed for a criminal justice audience that is interested in exploring ways to better assess the DUI offender population. Registrants will learn of the need for, development of, and current implementation of this cost-effective assessment tool that allows a non-trained clinician, criminal justice practitioner, or program administrator to perform a diagnostic evaluation to inform integrated planning, case management, and treatment decisions.

Among the repeat DUI offender population, there is a very high level of psychiatric co-morbidity and these mental health issues are often linked to recidivism. In response to this issue, CARS was developed by the Cambridge Health Alliance Division on Addiction to identify the presence of mental health and substance use issues among DUI offenders. CARS is a standardized mental health assessment that is based on the World Health Organization’s Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) that provides immediate diagnostic information for up to 20 major psychiatric disorders. In addition, CARS generates referrals to services and interventions based on an individual’s diagnostic information and zip code. Run on free open source software, CARS generates user-friendly reports at the click of a button. The 30-minute screening tool and the full three hour assessment tool will be available for general use in 2016.


The webinar will hosted by Dr. Sarah E. Nelson, Associate Director for Research at the Division on Addiction, Cambridge Health Alliance, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.


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National Drug Court Institute Judicial Training

March 16-19, 2015 in Reno, NV

Are you eager to expand your knowledge base about constitutional issues that can impact your Drug Court? Are you ready to deepen your expertise on how to deliver effective Incentives and Sanctions that result in behavior change in your clients? Are you interested in honing your leadership style as you know it can be critical to building and staffing your team?  If so, this Judicial Training is for you. This five-day, comprehensive training program has been developed for judges with the assistance of the National Judicial College and experienced Drug Court judges from across the country.  The Drug Court judge plays a critical role in the success of the Drug Court participants.  It is imperative that judicial officers are armed with the latest techniques and research to produce successful program outcomes.

There is no better way to empower addicted offenders to change their lives than through Drug Court. And there is no better way to ensure your Drug Court is operating at the highest possible standard than by taking advantage of NDCI’s proven strategies and dynamic training.

Deadline for registration and payment will be February 3, 2015.

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