Federal Requirements

OMB Circulars
Phone Contact: Office of Management and Budget @ (202) 395-7332.
Internet Address: http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/circulars

Type of Organization & Applicable Federal Cost Principles
• Profit Organizations: Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Part 31
• Educational: OMB Circular A-21
• Non-Profit: OMB Circular A-122
• State/Local Government: OMB Circular A-87

Type of Organization & Applicable Federal Management Standards
• Profit Organizations: OMB Circular A-110
• Educational: OMB Circular A-110
• Non-Profit: OMB Circular A-110
• State/Local Government: 45 CFR 602 (Common Rule)

Type of Organization & Applicable Federal Audit Requirements
• Profit Organizations: Cognizant Federal agency responsible
• Educational: OMB Circular A-133
• Non-Profit: OMB Circular A-133
• State/Local Government: OMB Circular A-133