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Small Training Grants

CJA is pleased to be able to offer a limited number of grants of up to $5,000 to support multidisciplinary training events aimed at improving the investigation, prosecution and judicial handling of criminal and/or civil child protection cases.  

To apply:

1. Read the Program Instructions Small Training Grants

2. Complete the 2018 Multidisciplinary Training Application included in the Program Instructions.

3. Return your completed application to Steve Geiser by email at or fax at 512-469-7664 

2018 Grant Program

The CJA FY18 Request for Applications for grant proposals will be released on Friday, January 20th. The RFA will be posted here. If you would like to receive the RFA by email on the day of its release, please contact Heidi Penix at

The CJA Task Force will be seeking to fund projects that will fill an identified gap and contribute to the knowledge base in one or more of the current CJA priority areas:
    1. Multidisciplinary Team Coordination
    2. Victim Advocacy
    3. Child Maltreatment Victims with Disabilities or Special Healthcare Needs
    4. Child Maltreatment-Related Fatalities
    5. Medical evaluations for suspected child victims of abuse/neglect

CJA funds should be used for programs to reform State systems and improve the processes by which States respond to cases of child abuse and neglect, including child sexual abuse and exploitation and cases of suspected child abuse or neglect related fatalities. The goal is to enable the State to deal more effectively with both the child victim and the offender as well as limit additional trauma to the child.

CJA funds are to be primarily focused on the front end - intake and investigative - piece of child protection. Funds cannot be spent on prevention or treatment.

Please review the 2018 Request for Applications (RFA) located here. Applicants will be required to submit the following application components:

1. Application Coversheet (template provided
2. Contact Information Sheet (template provided)
3. Project Narrative (directions in RFA)
4. Budget Narrative (directions in RFA)
5. Budget Workbook (template provided)
6. Pre-Award Questionnaire (template provided)
7. Additional attachments (listed in RFA)

The deadline for submitting a grant application will be Monday, March 20, 2017. 

Please contact Heidi Penix with questions.