For Organizations

2020 Grant Program:

CJA is now accepting applications for programs that will fill an identified gap and contribute to the knowledge base in one or more of the current CJA priority areas:

      1. Strengthen Capacity and Better Leverage Existing Resources
      2. Emergency Preparedness: Keeping Children Safe During and After A Natural Disaster
      3. Improving the Response to Internet Crimes Against Children & Use of Digital Evidence

CJA funds should be used for programs to reform State systems and improve the processes by which States respond to cases of child abuse and neglect, including child sexual abuse and exploitation and cases of suspected child abuse or neglect related fatalities. This will enable States to deal more effectively with both the child victim and the offender and to limit additional trauma to the child. CJA funds are to be used primarily on the intake, investigation, assessment, and prosecution of child abuse cases. 

The deadline for submitting a grant application is June 10, 2019. Applications should be submitted by email to Heidi Penix at

To apply:

1. Read the Program Instructions FY19/FY20

2. Submit an application that includes the following components:

    A. Application Coversheet

    B. Contact Information

    C. Project Narrative
         a. Project Summary/Abstract
         b. Target Population & Statement of Need
         c. Proposed Activities & Rationale
         d. Organization 
     D. Evaluation
     E. Sustainable Outcomes
     F. Project Budget 
         a. Budget Narrative
         b. Budget Worksheet (this is an example of what you might create to submit as a budget)
     G. Pre-Award Questionnaire

     H. Additional Attachments
         a. Key staff list
         b. List of current funds for this project and amount of support
         c. List of pending requests for support for this project and amount requested
         d. Organizational budget for current fiscal year
         e. Most recent audited financial statement
         f.  Annual report
         g. IRS determination letter