Grantee Resources

CJA Grantee Guide

The Children’s Justice Act Grantee Guide provides information and technical assistance to help grantees stay in compliance with state and federal and state grant regulations, as well as the terms and conditions set forth in their CJA grant award.

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Grantee Glossary

The Grantee Glossary contains terms and definitions grantees may encounter while performing under a CJA grant award.

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Federal Requirements

Various Federal requirements apply to CJA awards. These requirements are set forth OMB Circulars promulgated by the Office of Management and Budget. If yourorganization does not currently have a copy of the documents setting forth the requirements applicable to your organization, they should be obtained as soon as possible.

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General Terms and Conditions

CJA grants are subject to general terms and conditions. By signing their grant awards, CJA grantees agree to abide by the provisions which pertain to their CJA grant award.

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