Lifetime Jurists

Hon. Amado Abascal
Hon. Marilyn Aboussie
Hon. Leonel Alejandro
Hon. Garza Baldemar
Hon. J. Manuel Banales
Hon. Nancy Berger
Hon. Jim Bobo
Hon. David A. Canales
Hon. Linda Chew
Hon. Bud Childers
Hon. Randy M. Clapp
Hon. Lonnie Cox
Hon. Tom Culver
Hon. Vickers Cunningham
Hon. Paul Davis
Hon. Rudy Delgado
Hon. Travis Ernst
Hon. David W. Evans
Hon. Bobby Flores
Hon. Tom Fuller
Hon. Tiffany Haertling
Hon. Mackey Hancock
Hon. Rob Hofmann
Hon. Robert Kern
Hon. Lamar McCorkle
Hon. Margaret Mirabal
Hon. Cynthia Muniz
Hon. Kerry Neves
Hon. Gladys Oakley
Hon. Lauren Parish
Hon. Bob Perkins
Hon. Bob Pfeuffer
Hon. Sherry Radack
Hon. Israel Ramon
Hon. Bonnie Robison
Hon. Doug Robison
Hon. Peter Sakai
Hon. David Sanchez
Hon. Mike Schneider Sr.
Hon. Steve Smith
Hon. Kathy Stone
Hon. Ralph Strother
Hon. Stephani Walsh
Hon. Mike Willson
Hon. Bob Wortham

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