The Appellate Education Fund is available to address the special educational needs of appellate judges, appellate clerks and former and retired appellate judges who sit by assignment. The fund is used to reimburse their actual and necessary expenses while attending approved educational courses and seminars.

Please click on this link to read the Appellate Education Fund Policy ,  the Appellate Judges Fund Guideline  or the Appellate Clerk's Education Fund Policy

Appellate Judges Education Fund Reimbursement Form   

Retired Appellate Judges Education Fund Reimbursement Form   

Appellate Clerks Education Fund Reimbursement Form   

Click the appropriate link above to download the reimbursement form .
Once you have completed the form, print, sign, and email it to  with your receipts.

For Questions or clarifications call TCJ Senior Accountant, Debra Malkiewicz @ 512.482.8847