7/7/2022Monica's Law & Victim Impact Statements in FV Cases
2 Hours
This training focuses on the importance of “Monica’s Law,” passed during the 86th legislative, in preventing the escalation of violence; and providing victims of family violence with a voice in the criminal justice process through the use of the Victim Impact Statement as a means of safety planning and to ensure notification post-conviction. The training discusses the dynamics of family violence and the legal responsibilities regarding the Protective Order Registry and the Victim Impact Statement, and their role in safety planning with victims. By the end of this session, participants will be able to: Understand family violence dynamics and the impact on victims in court; Identify the legal responsibilities of judges regarding the Victim Impact Statement and how the Victim Impact Statement is key to providing victims of family violence a voice within the criminal justice system; Describe how the Protective Order Registry assists criminal justice professionals, regardless of role, to prevent the escalation of violence, provide more effective safety planning for survivors, and their families and hold more offenders accountable for their crimes.  The registration fee, though voluntary, pays for expenses not legislatively covered by the allotment to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals grant. The voluntary registration fee for this conference is $35.
The webinars will be held using Zoom Webinar. All session links, course materials, and more are hosted on Brightspace, TCJ's Online Conference Platform: Instructions on How to Access