Reimbursement policies are posted per event. Please refer to the conference you are attending to find guidelines specific to the conference you attended.

Reimbursements may be returned to TCJ within 60 days of a conference/event for reimbursement.

Texas Center for the Judiciary
ATTN: Accounting
1210 San Antonio, Ste 800
Austin, TX 78701
Fax: (512) 469-7664
[email protected]
Conference attendees may also submit reimbursement requests online. When naming a reimbursement request please use the formula below to indicate the conference you attended.

Last two digits of the year (e.g. 22 for 2022) and conference code (see table below). Example:Regional Conference A would be 22RegA

 Conference Name   Conference Code
 Annual Judicial Education Conference   AJEC
 Child Welfare Judges Conference   CWC
 College for New Court Professionals   CNCP
 College for New Judges   CNJ
 Court Professionals Conference   CPC
 Criminal Justice Conference   CRIM
 DWI Court Team Basic Training and Advanced Conference    DWICT
 Family Justice Conference   FJC
 Regional Conference A   REGA
 Regional Conference B   REGB

Read the reimbursement guidelines carefully. Forms that are filled out incorrectly or are incomplete can delay reimbursement.

All attendees may also use the online reimbursement tool for faster payment and easier tracking of expenses. You can submit online through your TCJ profile or download the ExpensePoint app to your phone. The email and password for ExpensePoint is the same as your TCJ account. 

To receive your reimbursement funds as a direct deposit, staple a voided check to your reimbursement form or complete the form.