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Advisory Opinion Summaries

July 1, 2015 – October 31, 2015

Texas Ethics Commission

These summaries have been taken directly from the TEC’s website. To see summaries from previous

years, please visit:


EAO No. 529 (2015)

– Section 305.027 of the Government Code requires legislative advertising to indicate

the name of an individual who personally enters into a contract on behalf of a nonprofit corporation to

broadcast the advertising, in addition to the name of the corporation. An individual or corporation who

knowingly enters into such a contract commits a violation if the advertising does not include the required


EAO No. 530 (2015)

– A member appointed to the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas

Oversight Committee is not “appointed for a term of office” and is not an “appointed officer” for purposes

of chapter 572 of the Government Code. Accordingly, a member appointed to the agency is not a “state

officer” and is not required to file a personal financial statement with the commission or subject to the

standards of conduct provided by section 572.051 or certain provisions under the “revolving door” law

applicable to state officers under section 572.054(b).

EAO No. 531 (2015)

– For purposes of section 255.003 of the Election Code, a brochure that includes

facts about the proposed county assistance district, such as the maximum amount of a sales tax assessed

for the district, the overall maximum amount of a sales tax that would be imposed, the district functions

for which the sales tax revenue must be used, as well as the question as it would appear on the ballot

and the dates and times of early voting, is not political advertising. In our opinion, the brochure provides

information and discussion of a measure without promoting the outcome of the measure. Therefore, public

funds may be used to distribute the brochure unless an officer or employee of the county authorizing such

use of public funds knows that the brochure contains false information.

EAO No. 532 (2015)

– An officer or employee of a political subdivision may not use letterhead that is

created by city staff or with city resources, and that contains the city’s logo and slogan that were designed

with city funds, to write and distribute political advertising.

Judicial Section of the State Bar of Texas Committee on Judicial Ethics

None for this time period.

State Commission on Judicial Conduct – Public Statements

None for this time period.

American Bar Association’s Ethics Opinion

None relating to judges for this time period.