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The Texas Center Honors Outstanding Faculty and Jurists

2014-2015 Exemplary Judicial Faculty Award:

Hon. Judy Warne

Judge Judy Warne was appointed to the 257th District Court

in 2005 and elected in 2006, 2010 and 2014. Prior to taking

the bench, she was in private practice as a board certified family

law attorney. She has been teaching for the Texas Center for

almost 10 years on family law issues. She has served on the

Texas Center’s Curriculum Committee for two years and has

been extremely involved in not only planning the curriculum,

but identifying and inviting speakers. She often agrees to teach

some of the harder topics herself. She has been, and continues

to be, a great resource for the Texas Center and judiciary at

large. In addition to this award, Judge Warne was named Jurist

of the Year by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers,

Texas Chapter in 2012 and received the David A. Gibson Award for Professionalism and Excellence in Family

Law by Gulf Coast Family Law Specialists in 2013. She also received the Standing Ovation Award from State

Bar of Texas CLE Department for 2012 for outstanding volunteer service.

2014-2015 Exemplary Non-Judicial Faculty

Award: Mr. Ed Wells

Ed Wells began serving as Court Manager for the

County Criminal Courts at Law of Harris County in

2011, having served as Assistant Court Manager for

the three previous years. Prior to this position, Mr. Wells

was Clerk of the Court at the Texas Fourteenth Court

of Appeals from 2000-2008. He began his career in

the courts employed by Galveston County as Court MIS

Director and then as Director of the Office of Justice

Administration. Mr. Wells started teaching for the Texas

Center over 20 years ago. He develops, manages, and

even teaches at the Texas Center’s Professional Develop

Program for court coordinators. He was instrumental in

bringing the Institute for Court Management’s certification program to Texas. Coordinators are now earning

the same education through the Texas Center that would normally cost them thousands of dollars to get at

the national level. He has also started teaching judges at other Texas Center programs on the topics of docket

management. Mr. Wells serves on the Texas Center’s Curriculum Committee, the Texas Supreme Court’s

Judicial Committee on Information Technology, and currently serves as Treasurer of the Texas Association for

Court Administration.