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USCIS Resources on the Special Immigrant Juvenile Program

Juvenile court judges, child welfare workers, health care professionals, and educators are important

participants in the SIJ process. Judges play a critical role because they see these children in their court

rooms, and the juvenile court order helps determine a child’s eligibility for SIJ status. The U.S. Customs

and Immigration Services (USCIS) is trying to provide outreach to state court judges on SIJ matters. Texas

is at the top of the list given the high number of unaccompanied minors and other youth immigrants

here. Below are some resources that they would like to share.

Outreach Requests

State juvenile courts may contact USCIS to ask general questions or request outreach on the SIJ

program by submitting a request to: .


USCIS Brochure on Immigration Relief for Abused Children SIJ Status: Information for Juvenile Courts

2015 Legislative Update Summary

At the 2015 Annual Judicial Education Conference, Judge Alfonso Charles provided a thorough summary

of the recently passed legislation. To make sure you are up to date on the recent changes, you can access

the summary of bills here (you need to log in to your judicial profile to access):

Legislative Update Paper

Texas Attorney General Opinion No. KP-0038

Last month, the Office of the Attorney General issued an opinion concluding that the Open Meetings

Act (OMA) does not apply to meetings in which district and statutory-county court judges meet to appoint

county auditors and community supervision and corrections department directors.

Read Full Opinion Here

DWI Form Bank

Over the past several years, Judge Laura Weiser and Holly Doran have been compiling useful DWI forms.

It is their hope that these forms will assist judges in improving efficiency and consistency in DWI cases

across the state. These forms include, but are not limited to, a blood search warrant, bond conditions,

an occupational license checklist, instructions to juries, an

ignition interlock removal order, and many more.

Access the Form Bank Here