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In Chambers

| Fall 2016




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of note...

Judge Emily Miskel Receives

Exemplary Article Award

The Curriculum Committee for

the Texas Center for the Judicia-

ry awarded Judge Emily Miskel of

the 470th District Court in Collin

County the 2015-2016 Exemplary

Article Award for

Admissibility of

Electronic Evidence: Present and Fu-

ture Considerations.

Judge Miskel

presented this paper at numerous

Texas Center conferences since

2013, but most recently at the 2015

Annual Judicial Conference for over

600 judges. Her article consistently

received excellent reviews and is

often requested by judges. In 2014,

Judge Miskel expanded on the topic

and published a book called “Inter-

ception: A Practical Guide toWire-

tapping and Interception Laws for

Civil and Family Attorneys.”

Exemplary Non-Judicial

Faculty Award Goes to

Seana Willing

In recognition of her long-standing

service to the Texas judiciary, Seana

Willing was honored by the Texas

Center for the Judiciary’s Curricu-

lum Committee with the Exempla-

ry Non-Judicial Faculty Award. Ms.

Willing is the Executive Director

of the State Commission on Judi-

cial Conduct. She has been teaching

for TCJ for over 10 years, including

every year at the College for New

Judges. She has dedicated herself to

maintaining a high ethical standard

for the Texas judiciary and provides

training on current ethical challeng-

es and boundaries. Throughout her

years of teaching, she has always en-

couraged judges to have open com-

munication with her and her office

and has demonstrated a true desire

to help judges understand the can-

ons that govern their conduct. Ms.

Willing is a 1993 graduate of St.

Mary’s University School of Law

and has served as Executive Direc-

tor since 2003.

Judge Michael Keasler

Receives Judicial Excellence

in Education Award for His

Longstanding Dedication to

Judicial Education

Judge Mike Keasler has been

deeply involved in judicial educa-

tion both in Texas and nationwide.

He has been teaching for the Texas

Center for over 20 years and has

served on the Curriculum Commit-

tee on and off since 1995. He has

worked tirelessly to develop cur-

riculum and bring in leading experts

from around the country to Texas

to teach. Over the years, Judge Ke-

asler has devoted countless hours

and energy to ensure Texas judg-

es are among the best and most

knowledgeable in the nation. For

these reasons, the Texas Center

chose Judge Keasler as its 2015-

2016 recipient of the Judicial Excel-

lence Through Education Award.