In Chambers, Fall 2017

In Chambers | Fall 2017 3 D ear Judges, It is a humbling honor to serve as your Board Chair for the Texas Center for the upcoming year.We have an outstanding Board of Directors filled by excep- tional judges from across our State. I would like to wel- come our new board members who have begun their service this year. I am so excited to get to work with each of you! Elected Place 1: Hon. Jeffrey Brown, Supreme Court of Texas,Austin Place 3: Hon. Dan Hinde, 269th District Court, Houston Place 8: Hon.TinaYoo Clinton, Dallas County Criminal Court No. 8, Dallas P lace 10: Hon. Kelly Moore, Presiding Judge, 9th Administrative Judicial Region, Lubbock Appointed Place 4: Hon. Hazel Jones, 174th Criminal District Court, Houston I also want to thank everyone for their understand- ing with the cancellation of the Annual Conference and I pray everyone is well and getting back on their feet! This year, the Legislature made mental health in our legal system one of their biggest priorities. As I was recently discussing these changes with a retired judge, he mentioned how important it is for judges to also take care of their own health. As judges, we see and hear tragedies that most people thankfully never ex- perience.Although we may think we are great at com- partmentalizing our daily work lives, it eventually will take a toll on our own health. I encourage each of you to make your own health a priority and figure out what helps relieve the stress we are under so that we can continue to be the best judges we can be. Lastly, as you all are aware, Judge Atkinson and his remarkable team keep the Texas Center running effectively and efficiently. As Judge Atkinson al- ways says, “There is no other place in the world where judicial education is done like this!” What a true statement! From my first time meeting everyone at the Col- lege for New Judges, I was amazed and intrigued at how the Texas Center operated and the many judges who helped shape the future of the judiciary. I knew from that first meeting that I wanted to be a bigger part of such an impressive organization. I encourage any of you who would like to also be a bigger part of this organization, to please reach out to me or any of the Center’s staff. I, along with the Board of Directors and staff of theTexas Cen- ter, will work hard this year to continue providing cut- ting edge education for the best judiciary in the world! Best Regards, Amanda D. Putman, Chair Navarro County Court at Law LETTER FROM THE CHAIR