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In Chambers

| Summer 2016 13


Hon. Joe Carroll

In Honor of Judge Julie Kocurek and Judge Gerald M. Brown

Hon. Carolyn Marks Johnson

In Honor of Judge Neil Caldwell and Judge Lee Duggan Jr.

Hon. Mary Murphy

In Honor of Judge Mark Atkinson and the Center Staff

Hon. Lori Rickert

In Honor of Judge Ogden Bass for being such a good role model for me!

Hon. LauraWeiser

In Honor of Judge Lori Rickert of her receipt of the Spotlight on Success Award presented at the 2016 DWI

Court TeamTraining

Hon. LauraWeiser

In Honor of Judge Linda Chew: Recognizing her excellent work for the TCJ College for New Judges

Hon. JohnWooldridge

In Honor of Judge SharolynWood:Tribute to a life dedicated to professional and honorable judicial service.

Hon. Robert Blackmon

In Memory of Judge Jack Blackmon

Hon. Chad Bridges

In Memory of Judge Thomas Culver III

Hon. Kelly Moore

In Memory of Judge John T. Forbis

Hon. Donna Rayes

In Memory of Judge Bob Parks

Hon. CaraWood

In Memory of Judge John T. Forbis

Contributions in Memory

Contributions in Honor

as of 5/31/16