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In Chambers

| Summer 2016




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of note...

Justice Marilyn Aboussie

Named a 2016 Woman of

Distinction by the

Girl Scouts of Central Texas

Retired Chief Justice Marilyn

Aboussie was selected as one of the

2016 recipients of the Girl Scouts

of Central TexasWomen of Distinc-

tion award. Girl Scouts of Central

Texas celebrates women who have

distinguished themselves as out-

standing members of their commu-

nity through individual excellence

and high levels of achievement. Past

recipients have included women

honored for excellence in the ar-

eas of business, education, govern-

ment, communications, health care,

sports, volunteer services, multicul-

tural activities, and Girl Scouting.

They look for women who are role

models for all of our members, girls

and adults alike, showing them that

with hard work and perseverance,

anything can be accomplished.

Justice Jeff Brown Presented

with Outstanding

Eagle Scout Award

On May 15, Justice Jeff Brown re-

ceived the Outstanding Eagle Scout

Award from the National Eagle

Scout Association (NESA). The

award was presented by United

States District Judge David Hittner

(who is a past recipient of the even

more prestigious designation of

“Distinguished Eagle Scout”). The

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout

Award is a prestigious recognition

granted by the local council’s NESA

committee to Eagle Scouts who

have demonstrated outstanding

achievement at the local, state, or

regional level.

Mexican-American Bar

Association of El Paso

Honors Judge Linda Chew

On January 22, 2016, the Mexican-

American BarAssociation of El Paso

honored Judge Linda Chew with

the “Albert Armendariz, Jr. Lifetime

Achievement Award” at its Annual

Banquet ceremony. Judge Chew was

elected as judge of the 327th Judi-

cial District Court in March 2002,

and took her oath of office in Janu-

ary 2003. Much of Judge Chew’s le-

gal career has been devoted to the

service of children, families, and im-

migrants. Other El Paso judges hon-

ored during the banquet were Judge

Laura Strathmann of the 388



cial District Court and Judge Carlos

Carrasco of the County Criminal

Court at Law No. 3.