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In Chambers

| Summer 2016 9

NewCourt Appointment Reporting

Requirements For All Case Types

Effective September 1, 2016

By Mena Ramon, General Counsel

and Angela Garcia, Judicial Information Manager

Texas Office of Court Administration

The new reporting

requirements are

more comprehensive

than what is

currently required

under the Supreme

Court’s order.”


ew case reporting requirements go into effect September 1, 2016. The

new requirements were enacted by the 84


Texas Legislature in Senate Bill



and are codified in Chapter 36 of the Texas Government Code.The

new law requires courts to report the appointment of and payments to at-

torneys ad litem, guardians ad litem, guardians, mediators and competency evaluators.

Courts are already required to report fees paid during a month in the amount of

$500 or more to persons appointed by a judge of any district, county or probate

court, court master, or court referee to a position for which any type of fee may be

paid in a civil, probate, or family law case under Titles 1, 2 and 4 of the Family Code.

This is required by Supreme Court of Texas order (Misc. Docket No. 07-9188).



reports are prepared by the district and county clerks for the courts they serve and

are submitted to the Office of Court Administration monthly.


Mena Ramon

Angela Garcia