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State Water Plan Implementation Funds – SWIFT/SWIRFT

[Editor’s Note: This section has been omitted. Please contact

if you would like full



The new developments discussed in this article are mainly beginnings, not endings. Day, Bragg and Coyote

Lake Ranch are likely to lead to more litigation to provide guidance on the parameters of groundwater rights

ownership and the circumstances in which regulatory limits on groundwater production amount to a talking.

Groundwater districts are now applying the final approved DFCs and MAGs in permitting decisions, some of

these decisions are already on appeal, and there is likely to be new case law on how these considerations

mesh with the law on regulatory takings. The TCEQ currently has no outstanding curtailment orders, but,

if the drought continues, more curtailment orders are likely to be issued, and the Farm Bureau case is no

appeal. Finally, the proposed TWDB rules on prioritization of the use of the funds set aside to implement

the State Water Plan may lead to litigation, but the projects for which loans are approved may lead to more

litigation involving permitting, environmental issues, and condemnation issues, to name a few. Everyone

should expect many other developments in water law in the next five years.



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