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come, first served basis. In fairness, we cannot have folks offer their place to other judges, for instance. The

limitations in attendance are not solely based on the number of sleeping rooms contracted for, but also on

meeting room space. Occasionally, a judge, upon learning that he or she has been placed on a waiting list,

offers to find a room at a separate hotel, just planning to attend classes. But, that presents problems, too,

as not only do the classrooms get full, but the breakfasts and lunches we have contracted for are limited to

the number of registrants.

We hope our judges realize that we are running full-occupancy operations and register as soon after

registration opens as possible. Additionally, judges canceling at the last minute for other than health or

similar serious reasons, creates hardship for TCJ staff, who then try diligently to contact judges on the

waiting lists – some who have given up and made other plans.

As far as budgeting for conferences goes, we have ever-increasing attendance at the same time that hotel

and meal costs are increasing. We have to do the best attendance projecting we can, a year or so in advance

of an event. We will continue to work to get as many judges registered and admitted, working with both our

attendance and budget projections in mind.

The other staff-members and I greatly appreciate the courtesy and understanding of our judges as work to

get them all into our popular programs.