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02/02/15 Respondent is a District Judge. Respondent’s judicial district has a popula-

tion of less than 250,000, so the Election Code limits the aggregate amount

of political contributions he can take from a law firm to $1,000. Respondent

accepted a total of $4,750 over the limit from five different law firms. Re-

spondent also accepted $1,000 each from spouses, which are deemed the

same individual under the Election Code and therefore contributions are

limited to $1,000 per married couple. Respondent did not make a violation

by accepting $1,000 each from a brother and sister because the Election

Code does not treat them as one individual. However, Respondent did vio-

late the Election Code by accepting $500 contribution from a corporation,

as well as $1,500 contribution from an entity (which is limited to $1,000).

Finally, Respondent also failed to timely respond to the Commission’s notice

of complaints. (SC-31207213, SC-31207214)

$1,175 civil