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ways to instill the ethic of service in their students, find quality careers for their graduates and

provide a viable way to teach effective trial skills.


cynicism suggests that the law is only a business and that only the strong survive.

Creative people in the bar are addressing these issues and finding solutions. Judges, too, can play

a role in synthesizing the needs of the community with the needs of the profession.

Success Stories

Law Schools and Bar Associations.

Law schools and local bar associations have already taken

the lead in accepting their dual role as trainers and as community servant-leaders. For example,

Baylor Law School provides law students to assist litigants in McLennan County Veterans Court. They

also provide students an opportunity to serve through Caritas, a local social service agency. The

University of Texas Law School provides a Pro Bono Scholarship program to students who commit

to serving in a pro bono capacity. Other Texas law schools are providing additional opportunities for

practical training through service. This summer the Litigation Section of the State Bar is funding

eight pro bono summer internships for law students.

Local bar leaders are also taking the lead in their communities. The Austin Bar Association

provides a local self-help desk for pro se family law litigants. Hays County Bar members provide

representation to pro se litigants in family law cases. Many other local bar associations are having

a similar impact in their communities.

Those ideas merely scratch the surface of the opportunities that are available. The American Bar

Association website “Be the Change” illustrates the myriad of opportunities that exist for those with

the desire to help people and a little imagination. For example, Miami University Law School provides

a residency program for graduates to spend a full year doing pro bono work after graduation. The

Chicago Bar Foundation has started a Justice Entrepreneur Project, a law firm incubator model

that matches young attorneys with low to moderate income clients. Arizona State University Law

School has actually set up a non-profit law firm for some of its graduates. This firm provides low and