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All of these ideas

are good in theory

but they cost money.

reduced rate fees for clients in with family law, consumer law and contract drafting needs.

Law firms.

Large law firms are involved too. Vinson Elkins, among other initiatives, provide pro

bono services in the appellate courts. Skadden Arps provides a two-year fellowship to some of its

associates who take pro bono cases. Other law firms and solo practitioners spend countless hours

doing pro bono work.


All of these ideas are good in theory but they cost money. What are some ways to finance these

ideas? The Texas Bar Foundation works with many others to provide financial resources for pro bono

representation. This past year the foundation has funded the Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid Outreach

Initiative. This program advises rural resident s of their rights and legal services. The foundation has

also provided pro bono funds for victims of domestic violence to seek help in obtaining protective orders

and helped fund a monthly mobile clinic to provide information on immigration law. Additionally, the

foundation assists Catholic Charities in offering pro bono representation for low-income individuals

and helped fund a contract attorney for Shelter Ministries of Dallas. Finally, the initiative providing

funding for Lone Star Legal Aid to hire an attorney for the Military and Veterans Unit.