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The Texas Center Honors Outstanding Faculty and Jurists

Texas Center for the Judiciary’s 2013-2014 Chair’s Awards:

Hon. Linda Chew and Judge Mark Atkinson

Hon. Linda Chew

Judge Chew received her bachelor’s degree from the University of

Houston and her master’s degree in educational administration from

Stephen F. Austin State University. She worked as a teacher in the El

Paso Independent School District and the Alief Independent School

District (Houston, Texas). She later served as the associate director of

the Technical Assistance Center of the Southwest, located at Stephen

F. Austin State University. After graduating from law school in 1986, she

became a partner in the law firm of Douglass, Chew & Chew until joining

Advocacy, Incorporated in 1999. Much of Judge Chew’s legal career has

been devoted to the service of children and families and to immigrants.

Judge Chew was elected as judge of the 327th Judicial District Court in

March 2002, and took her oath of office in January 2003. Judge Chew

has received numerous awards: Victory Warriors Academy Partners in

Education Award

2008; Mexican American Bar Association of El Paso’s

President’s Award for Outstanding Judge of the Year

September, 2007; Las Americas Asylum & Refugee

Project Border Heroes Award

August 2002; Texas State Bar Association Distinguished Service to Children

and Families

August 2000; and the El Paso Bar Association Pro Bono Award

1999-2000. Judge Chew is

a past chair for the Texas Center for the Judiciary Board of Directors. It was the first time a judge from El Paso

held this position.

Hon. Mark Atkinson

Judge Mark D. Atkinson took the bench in 1987 and served 24 years

as a judge in a Harris County, Texas, Criminal Court. After six terms of

office he retired and was named Judicial Resource Liaison under the

Texas Center for the Judiciary’s Texas Department of Transportation

Traffic Safety Grant Program. He served two years in that capacity

before being named Executive Director (and now Chief Executive

Officer) of the Texas Center for the Judiciary. He has been active in

state and national judicial leadership and education, serving as Chair

of the Texas Center as well as the Judicial Section of the State Bar of

Texas. Judge Atkinson was first licensed to practice law in 1980, and

for seven years developed a practice focused on criminal, family and

civil trial law. He earned his BA from the University of Texas at Austin

and his law degree from South Texas College of Law, in Houston. Judge