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Letter from the Chair

by Judge Randy M. Clapp


t has been a wonderful year for the education of Texas judges. Attendance is up

at almost all of the Texas Center for the Judiciary’s conferences, and we have

had to deal with waiting lists at several. There is a very good reason for this

– quality. Our grass-roots approach to judicial education, with curriculum designed

by judges for judges, has resulted in the best judicial education delivery system in

the nation. Quality in judicial education leads to quality in judicial decision-making

across the state. We should all be proud of the fact that the third branch of Texas

state government is constantly improving itself.

The TCJ staff is now a well-oiled machine, and our CEO Mark Atkinson has made

it so. He has greatly improved our reputation and relationship with our education

partners. Having a retired judge at the helm seems to be working quite well. I

commend him for a job well done.

We have completed installing new technology and now have a new database and a new website. This will

streamlinemany of the processes and communication between TCJ and the judges of Texas. Please remember

to respond sooner rather than later when you receive information regarding an up-coming conference that

interests you. If you wait until the last moment, you may find yourself on a waiting list.

We will continue to seek funding increases from our education partners to eliminate those waiting lists. One

way you can help is to make a charitable donation to the Texas Center. Donations from our members augment

our private funds and give us much greater flexibility in planning and designing education conferences. The

amount of support we have received from judges in the last two years is phenomenal. Please keep it up.

See you at the annual

conference in Dallas!

Randy M. Clapp


New TCJ website