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Program Modalities

Individuals charged with prostitution offenses are eligible for the program. The DA’s office reviews cases

based upon criminal backgrounds and refers cases to the case manager, who conducts a screening

pre-ESTEEM. If the defendants are found eligible for the program and accept the program, psychosocial

evaluations are conducted as part of needs assessments. Terms are then tailored to the needs of the

individual participants.

Inorder to graduateor complete theESTEEMprogram, several phasesmust be completedby theparticipants.

The ultimate goal is to assist participants in transforming and restarting their lives in mainstream society.

Communication with law enforcement agencies was essential in achieving collaboration and education

regarding program terms, behaviors, and other links associated with prostitution. Meetings with key players

have taken place to introduce the program and share the essential components provided by the specialty

court. All involved desire to have accused individuals assessed, screened, and enrolled in the program in an

effort to place them in the community as law abiding citizens.

Closing Remarks

In March 2014 the ESTEEM program started running and to date five participants have successfully

graduated from the program. Though the ESTEEM program is still at its infancy, the team has united to

deal with all challenges presented. They have the passion to continue working for the community and will

continue to make El Paso a safer community by assisting those enrolled in the program and their families.

All components of the program are focused on targeting the assessed needs of the participants. The

program assists participants in reunifying with families, regaining trust and hopefully, starting over.